Dear Writer

If you would like us to consider your book proposal or manuscript for publication, please first take a few minutes to look around our site, particularly at here is one that I did earlier and something about us.

If it looks like a good fit, then we’d love to hear from you. You don’t have to have finished your book before you contact us. In fact we prefer that you send us a proposal rather than a finished manuscript so that we can make suggestions.

Please send us:

1. A short email telling us a little about yourself and why you think Muddy Pearl would be the right publisher for your book. You could attach your CV if that would help. Please also say if you are submitting your proposal to another publisher at the same time.

2. A synopsis, a paragraph or two explaining:

  •  The overall argument of the book
  • Why you want to write it.
  • Who your reader might be, how your book will help them and why they will want to read it.
  • Any similar books on the market, and how yours is different or will add to the discussion.

3. A chapter summary: the chapter titles with two or three lines summarising the content of each chapter.

4. A sample chapter or two. Make it your best chapter – or two.

Some things you should know about us…

Muddy Pearl is a traditional publisher, not a self-publishing company. We spend a great deal of time working with our authors to make the books we publish the best they can be. For this reason we can only accept a small number of books each year, so please don’t be too disappointed if the answer is no.

If we decide to publish your book we will cover all production and distribution costs and will pay a royalty on sales. We won’t ask you to pay for editing or cover design but we will ask you to work with us on the promotion of your book – bear in mind that this can be quite time consuming.

We publish first in print format, and then e-book a little while later. This is because we love nice books and bookshops and want to do what we can to support bookshop sales.

We operate as a limited company owned by the directors and run along not-for-profit lines. We have a profit-sharing structure, which we can explain in more detail if we decide to accept your manuscript.

Finally, Please be patient with us. All publishers receive a huge number of enquiries so if you don’t hear from us within six weeks, please drop us a line. If we decide we can’t publish your book I’m afraid we won’t be able to enter into lengthy correspondence about your manuscript.

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