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The Latest Musings from Muddy Pearl and Friends

New Year, New Lockdown.

Aidan Heald on 6th January 2021

I guess we hoped by now we would all be heading back to offices, or bars, or gyms after the Christmas break, but now we’ve been told as a whole country once again to Stay at Home. Perhaps this one will be easier because (let’s face it) we saw it coming, or because we’re professionals […]

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Holding and Beholding

Stephanie Heald on 23rd December 2020

This year has been a struggle and a marathon for many, just to stand still. At Muddy Pearl we look back, catching our breath, and we are humbled and thankful to see how the Lord, our friends, authors and readers have helped us through. We have released a workbook, our first fiction titles (one achieved […]

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Gift wrapping is here – and it’s not just for Christmas!

on 16th December 2020

That’s why we’ve decided to include free gift wrapping for all orders placed this year of The Little Book for Really Really Brilliant Grandparents and Amazed by Jesus (due out on 18th December). And we’re not stopping there – as we move into 2021 we will roll out gift wrapping for all orders as an […]

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New Book: The Little Book for Really Really Brilliant Grandparents

on 8th December 2020

We are delighted to announce our latest book to be released, the little book for REALLY REALLY brilliant Grandparents! This is the latest in our ‘Really Really’ series, little books with collections of sage advice coupled with fantastic illustrations. We think this is such an appropriate time to be bringing this book out to the […]

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Where are the Leaders?

Rob Seabrook on 2nd December 2020

Over the last few months I have found myself wanting to shout at the TV almost every day. It’s the news. They report turmoil, but I find myself despairing. “Where are the leaders?” There are so many world issues that seem to be mis-managed. So many mis-placed priorities. Such short term vision. Such lack of […]

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None of Us Lives For Himself

Hudson Greig on 25th November 2020

At first glance, you might be justified in assuming that a book combining the stories of an 18th Century German Count and a technically detailed flight over Europe is, at best, appealing to a fairly niche subsection of readers. You might even feel justified in counting yourself out of that group. However, what Phil Anderson […]

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Armistice Day 2020: Remembering Stories that Time has Forgotten

Aidan Heald on 11th November 2020

On this Armistice Day, the ceremony of the Centenary of the Burial of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey, London, is playing on my television in the background as I am writing this, and I sit and think of the other anonymous names from which Time has made us move on. As The Archibishop of […]

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A Book for Rememberance

Rosemary Hector on 6th November 2020

Two families find themselves in Warsaw at the wrong point in history. Hitler has invaded Poland. Jews are at the receiving end of prejudice, that quickly turns to systematic elimination and horrors beyond imagination. Yet the story of these families and their neighbours and colleagues is told with a deft touch. The narrative keeps us […]

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The God Who Sees in the overwhelm

Vicky Allen on 21st October 2020

I got lost this morning. Caught in a trivial domestic maze accidentally constructed from a long list of tasks, a poorly child, the background dull thrum of the endless news cycle whenever I came within earshot of the radio, or glanced at a screen, and a house too busy and messy to allow me to […]

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God’s perfect timing, even when publishing in a pandemic

Stephanie Heald on 13th October 2020

Three years ago, Anna, Muddy Pearl’s then assistant editor and I were sitting at our table on the Publishing Scotland stand at Frankfurt Book Fair, beside an enormous panel depicting our forthcoming book, The Gift of Blessing by Kate Patterson. Anna snapped a photo of the banner to post on social media, and to encourage Kate that […]

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