The Armchair Adventure Bundle 2

Pages: 224 / 224 / 184
ISBN: 978-1-910012-69-7 / 978-1-910012-73-4 / 978-1-910012-09-3
Publication Date: 13/03/2020

RRP: £35.97
Price: £25.98

Let books keep you company with this special bundle

Working from home? Self-isolating? Cancelled holiday or trip? It can be fun to have a lie in at first, but that can soon wear off, and boredom and loneliness sets in. Rather than falling into a coma in front of daytime TV, or scrolling endless articles about virus transmission, seize the day, think of it as an opportunity: broaden and renew your mind, plan new things, think, learn …  switch off and read! Plan a book retreat. Recent research shows that reading a book actually makes you happier!

We’ve put together some brilliant book bundles to help you choose what to read. The second ‘Armchair Adventure’ Bundle includes God Untamed by Johannes Hartl, Campus Lights by Luke Cawley and Gatecrashing by Brian Heasley – with a third off and free postage by Royal Mail. What’s not to like?

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A Note from Muddy Pearl

What’s in this bundle?

God Untamed by Johannes Hartl:

A challenging rejection of ‘feel-good’ Christianity, God Untamed explores the deep crisis of faith that effects the Western world. At a time where the need for spirituality is great, yet churches are losing more and more members; in the face of a generation with so many opportunities and so little direct threat, yet who are so anxious, depressed and disenchanted – Hartl speaks of the voice that can still oceans. God, as he encounters us, is not simply ‘nice’ and certainly not trivial or comfortable. He is fascinating and intimidating at the same time.

Hartl calls us to rediscover this sense of wonder and reimagine what it is to have a fear of God – not founded in a whimper at the unknown, but a respect borne out of watching his visible power in the nature of our world. Without this fear, Hartl warns that the church is in danger of weakening under the immense pressures of our times.


Campus Lights by Luke Cawley:

Drawing together incredible, gripping stories from different nationally-led student movements spanning every region of the globe – from North America to Romania, from movements with official recognition, to those persecuted to the point of being driven underground – Campus Lights explores how student mission not only survives, but flourishes across the world today.

Told in Cawley’s journalistic, diverse and engaging style, Campus Lights reveals how students and young people are taking risks to share their faith, continuing the legacy of Jesus’ young disciples as they went out into the world and changed nations. Far more than a book on student mission, Campus Lights will inspire all leaders, encouraging them to take risks for the Kingdom in their own context, and showing how students and young people can be catalysts for change in our world.


Gatecrashing by Brian Heasley:

More pubs, clubs and bars per square mile than almost anywhere else in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of young people, intent on having the best holiday possible. The beautiful island of Ibiza is often derided for the shocking scenes of excess, violence and incapacity that inevitably result. 24-7 Prayer took up the invitation, God’s call to go to the party island and pray. So Brian and Tracy Heasley went. For seven years, they walked and prayed around the walls of the San Antonio.

And most nights, joined by young volunteers, they walked through the town, chatting to clubbers and offering prayer. Thousands said yes. Some knelt, some put their hands together, some shared deep worries and concerns. They helped people home, looked after those in danger of being robbed, and befriended all kinds of people, from bar owners to prostitutes. The familiar T-shirts of 24-7 Ibiza came to be regarded as a fourth emergency service.

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