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Three wonderful books on prayer for £25

Gatecrashing – The Story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza
Every night for seven years, Brian and Tracy Heasley walked and prayed through Ibiza’s streets, chatting to clubbers, caring for those in danger, helping them home, befriending bar owners and prostitutes. Their remarkable story will inspire you to persist in prayer, giving practical and creative ways to show God’s love in your own community.

Heart Fire
What is prayer? How does it work? And does it even help at all? These are questions that Johannes Hartl has spent his life exploring, finding answers through encounter, experience and often through travel – a journey of discovery that has taken Hartl into the very heart of prayer, and the very heart of God. Join him on this exciting adventure and catch fire for a life of prayer yourself.

Simply Pray
In this inspiring and highly practical book, Johannes Hartl explores 12 simple ways he has learnt to pray – indeed, 12 steps that have transformed his life – an adventure into truly knowing the God of the universe. Simply Pray is an invitation into the biggest challenge and the loveliest secret – the adventure that will change your life also.


Praise for Gatecrashing

“God so loved the world that God did not just send words on paper, but Word made flesh. In Jesus, God put skin on and moved into the neighborhood, to live among us. One of the most important ministries in the world is the ministry of presence. Walking alongside, living among, earning the right to speak into people’s lives by loving them well – as they are and not as they could be. Sometimes one of the obstacles to Christ has been Christians who have so much to say with our mouths and so little to show of God’s love with our lives. Here is the story of a ministry of presence, a ministry of moving in and listening … It is also a reminder that little Ibiza’s are everywhere if we only have eyes to see. Let it invite you to find your own Ibiza.”

Shane Claiborne, author and activist

Gatecrashing is a story where Brian humbly compels you to love people in the shadow of God’s love. At one point in the book I just found myself crying because that heart which Brian talks about for Ibiza – I know that heart. I know the tears that come when God breaks your heart for a land, a place, a people group. Brian draws you to God, to God’s heart, and the impact is powerful. Read this book — please read this book — and allow this story to open your heart and inspire you to what might be possible when we take a chance on obedience. Allow it to inspire you to mission fuelled by prayer. For this is a story that calls me to keep chasing after God.”

Helen Warnock, former National Director of Scripture Union in Northern Ireland

“It’s easy to sit on a sofa and critique a decadent, hedonistic culture. There are plenty of books which do that. Or you can swallow your pride, learn the language, meet the people and love them. This raw gem from Brian Heasley tells THAT story.”

Andy Flannagan Director, Christians on the Lef

“Brian is the real deal; full of integrity, kind and committed. This book captures so much of the amazing things God has done in and through him. An inspiration to all.”

Tim Hughes Director, Worship Central

Praise for Heart Fire

“It has been said: ‘To an idea you can always oppose another idea and to a theory, a different theory, but what can we oppose to a life?’ Read this book of Johannes Hartl on his journey with Jesus and try to see if you can resist the evidence radiating from it. I could not. This book tells us, better than many treatises on Christology, that Jesus Christ is alive.”

P. Raniero Cantalamessa O.F.M. Cap., Preacher to the Papal Household

“One of my favourite worship songs of all time is Misty Edwards ‘I Will Waste my Life’. I had a radical encounter with Jesus when I was sixteen years old, and since that day, Jesus has fully captured my heart. I gladly give every moment of my life for God, and I will go anywhere and do anything with him. In his book Heart Fire, Johannes Hartl captures a heart of love for Jesus that led him to birth the Augsburg House of Prayer. Johannes opens his very personal journey searching to know God intimately in this beautiful book about the pursuit of God through prayer. We can all learn from his devotion and passion for the One who is worthy of it all.”

Heidi G. Baker PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Iris Global

“Johannes Hartl calls to the deep in us that longs to know the fire within – inspiring us to pursue prayer more passionately, and therefore know God more intimately and to see his power more fully. His book gives us vision to encounter Jesus more consistently and to live in wonder of a life dedicated to prayer.”

Mike Bickle, Director, International House of Prayer of Kansas City

“An exhilarating and poetic immersion into the eternal call of God to the heart of every person. Intimacy with God is where we truly discover who we are and from which all fruitfulness comes. Johannes Hartl knows who he is and I have witnessed, first hand, the fruit that has flowed from his and his community’s answer to the call of prayer.”

Father James Mallon, Priest and Author

“Johannes Hartl welcomes us into the radical ride of a life dedicated to prayer. His honesty and creativity has illuminated my vision to what prayer can be and his thirst for beauty and brilliance draws up a new yearning in the heart of the reader. Heart Fire has convinced me not only of the power and splendour of living in God’s gaze, but the very necessity of it. Our lives make very little sense without it. This book will challenge you to live more courageously, risk your reputation for something that’s greater and bigger, and equip you with tools to keep the fire burning. I regularly found myself shouting ‘wow’ out loud.”

Pippa Baker, One Hope Project

Praise for Simply Pray

“God is our Loving Father, our very present help in trouble, our all in all. Sometimes life gets so busy, and we aren’t quite sure how to engage with God even when we know He is real. In Simply Pray, Johannes Hartl will convince you to come away again to the secret place where God wants to share the whispers of His heart with you. If your prayer life has grown cold, take this chance to re-connect with the Source of everything… He is waiting for you!”

Dr. Heidi Baker, Founder, and CEO of Iris Global

“Johannes Hartl is a theologian with a passion for prayer and worship – and an inspiring vision for unity.”

Nicky Gumbel

Simply Pray creatively invites us to encounter a good and joyful God at the everyday intersection of heaven’s glory and the majestic mundane of earth.”

Adam Cox, Founder and Lead Pastor, Navah Church KC; 24-7 Prayer USA and Global Communities Team

“Johannes Hartl is a gifted storyteller – he creatively draws from his experience presenting popular themes as springboards for reflection and prayer. Each accessible chapter moves from his daily life, through the word of God in order to teach us something about ourselves. Then we are invited and helped to go forward in prayer. This book will speak to people on many levels, it is inspirational, exhortation and full of practical tips. I recommend it for anyone who is seeking to go deeper in prayer.”

Michelle Moran, Co-founder of Sion Community for Evangelism and Leader within International Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Simply Pray is one of the most beautiful yet practical books on prayer I have read. Johannes captures the heart of devotion and the sense of our human desire to connect with the divine, but he takes it further by giving us some incredibly helpful tools to grow in our intimacy with God. I have read many great inspirational books on prayer, but some have left me with the question ‘Yes, but how?’ Johannes not only inspires devotion but also responds to that question with useful exercises and examples that work in our day to day lives. I believe this book will both inspire and assist you in learning to walk and talk with God.”

Brian Heasley, International Prayer Director, 24-7 Prayer

About the Authors

Johannes Hartl is a passionate storyteller who loves to communicate the heart of God. In 2005, he and his wife, Jutta, founded the House of Prayer, Augsburg. He is the author of numerous books and an international conference speaker, renowned for bringing spiritual depth along with humorous insight and practical application. He holds a PhD in Catholic Theology and has earned his degrees in German langauge and Literature Studies, as well as Philosophy. Johannes lives in Augsburg with his wife and their four children.

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Brian is International Prayer Director of 24-7 Prayer and has been part of the movement since it began. He is a gifted communicator with a passion for prayer, mission and justice. Together, Brian and his wife Tracy pioneered the remarkable work of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza, where they lived with their two sons for seven years.

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