Lead is now out!

A month ago, with a handful of advance copies, we asked a few people – people who have direct first-hand experience of Karl Martin’s leadership, i.e those who know his weaknesses, who will spot an inaccuracy a mile off, who will see an exaggerated story as an opportunity for merciless ribbing – we asked them to give us an honest opinion on Karl’s new book. We’re posting their thoughts in full here, one at a time.


And do send us your own review, if you would like to. We are loving the feedback.

Today’s review of Lead comes from Penni, who is a member of the Church at Central, Edinburgh.


If you’re brave enough to follow Karl on this challenging journey of self-reflection, you will impact not just your own leadership but you’ll increase your potential to impact the Kingdom of God for all of eternity.


Lead can be purchased by clicking here.

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