Upcoming Events

Here you’ll find various upcoming authors’ events and appearances. From festivals to bookstalls, from tours to launches, we hope you will find something you’ll enjoy!

A Mind of Their Own Tour

Anxiety levels and poor mental health are on the rise in children, but parents have incredible power to help their children build strong emotional resilience and healthy mental wellbeing. This event, from Care for the Family, will look at the unique opportunities and pressures facing young people today (including the COVID-19 pandemic), as well as the science of the mind and why children act and react the way they do. Sign up today at Care for the Family.

Wildfires 2022

Wildfires is back! If you’re among the many gathering at the lovely Wiston Estate, warming yourselves around camp fires; meeting up with old friends, enjoying the teaching and the worship, do look out for our authors and friends, Bill Cahusac, Jill Weber, Alain Emerson and Brian Heasley – and do please visit the bookstall : their books will all be there. 30 May to 2nd June … we think day tickets are still available. Visit Wildfires for more information.

HTB Focus 2022

Focus is back for 2022 and running from 28th – 31st July at Newark Showground! Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting information coming soon …