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Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-1-910012-39-0
Publication Date: 22/10/2020

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What could be more important than knowing the Eternal God? In Living for Eternity, Kate Patterson explores what it means to be ‘eternally minded’ – living with a long view, keeping our eyes set on the eternal life we were made for – and how that reality has the power to transform our lives now.

A profound invitation to get to know the God of forever, Patterson opens the Scriptures and points to the eternal One who is revealed in his eternal word. Showing how having our eyes on eternity means having our eyes on the one whose eyes are on us, she tells of a God who is eternally faithful and always mindful of us.

Unveiling the freedom that being eternally minded brings, Living for Eternity encourages us to live fearlessly, even in life’s most difficult and grief-filled moments. Through it all, God is making us more and more Christ-like as we journey with him to our eternal destination.

What People are Saying

“This heartfelt book from Kate Patterson is a profound exploration of what it means to live in the light of eternity, grounded in scripture and a life walked with God. A beautiful invitation to get to know the one whose eyes are on us.”

Mark Batterson
New York Times Bestselling Author of The Circle Maker; Lead Pastor of National Community Church

“In more than three decades of ministry among the poor, we have seen every kind of suffering, grief, and loss under the sun. Daily we weep with the broken. We also rejoice daily, and the joy is greater than the pain. The one reason we are able to endure and to worship with genuine gratitude through every trial is that we know that our eternal home is with God — and our life in him, even now, is the reward without compare. This is what we preach to the great and small alike, and we have seen for ourselves that his beauty is an everlasting promise, able to change every part of life. We believe firmly that every Christian should learn what it means to live for eternity, and Kate Patterson’s heartfelt meditation on this theme is a gift I warmly encourage you to explore.”

Heidi G. Baker, Ph.D.
Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, Iris Global

“Christians can easily fall into binary positions; living in denial of their earthy circumstances or blind to their eternal inheritance. Kate Patterson masterfully navigates the tension between suffering and hope. She enables the reader to stand with their feet in the clay and their eyes in the clouds. Rich, raw and beautifully crafted, this book is blessed assurance in time of struggle and uncertainty, shining a new light upon the God who became flesh and moved into our neighbourhood.”

Rev Will Van Der Hart
Author of The Power of Belonging, Director of The Mind and Soul Foundation

“The idea for this book was born before Kate suffered the tragic death of her beloved husband, Trevor. These reflections on God’s eternal goodness and the promise of the beauty and glory of the world to come then came to fruition through the harsh reality of loss and death. It means that this is a book that deals honestly with suffering, but also contains within it a lived knowledge of the hope and promise that God has given to this world in the reality that we have our true home in him. It is a book that will inspire and comfort. I commend it to anyone needing to know more of God’s love and hope in their lives.”

Lucy Peppiatt
Principal, WTC Theology

“Kate Patterson is a very special person whose love for Jesus Christ shines through so much of what she says and does. Few people are better qualified to write about ‘living for eternity’.”

Nicky Gumbel
Holy Trinity Brompton; Founder of The Alpha Course

“In the trials and troubles of life there is no greater remedy than to look up to our eternal inheritance in Christ. So I am delighted to recommend this uplifting and well-written book on eternity that is both profoundly biblical and practically helpful. Read it and rejoice!”

Minister, Speaker and Author

“Why do we avoid thinking about the big picture of life and death, especially considering the hope we have in Jesus? I am full of admiration for how Kate has walked the difficult path of loss and for how she is sharing that journey with others now. Full of of grit, gutsy honesty and gospel-filled-grace, this is a book which will lift your eyes and fill your heart with God’s eternal hope.”

Cathy Madavan
Speaker, Broadcaster and Author

“The promise of eternity transforms Kate Patterson’s everyday life, changing a monochrome landscape into colour. Sharing her hard-won vision of the eternal in the here-and-now, she invites us to experience God’s joy even in the midst of our darkest days. Read this book and be encouraged.”

Amy Boucher Pye
Writer, Speaker and Retreat Leader

“Kate Patterson’s book is a virtual visa in our passport to a place so little spoken of in our churches today.  How to live our lives in the light of eternity!  That’s what’s so marvellous about this book. Written from a biblical standpoint, Kate takes us one chapter at a time across the biblical landscape of the reality of eternity. You will find no catch phrases here just solid truth and personal testimony and learning. This is a timely book given the fear saturated world we live in today.”

Eddie Lyle
CEO of Open Doors UK & Ireland

“This book has been crafted from the story of personal pain and yet brings such hope. A must read for us all as Kate brings hope and light to anyone going through difficult times and focuses our eyes on the greater narrative of eternity.”

Revd Prebendary Mark Melluish
Senior Pastor St Paul’s Ealing & St Mellitus Hanwell; Assistant National Leader of New Wine; Non-Executive Director Tearfund

About the Author

Kate Patterson is a gifted speaker and writer, and Director of Gift of Blessing Trust, which makes deep biblical truths accessible to all. She works part-time as a Formation Tutor at St. Mellitus Theological College where she counts it a great privilege to help form the next generation of Christian leaders. Kate was in church leadership for 20 years and has experience as a college chaplain and as a primary school chaplain.

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