Those Who Show Up

Pages: 224
ISBN: 978 1 910012192
Publication Date: 27/02/2015
Format: Paperback | eBook

Price: £9.99

Andy is reaching out, inspiring and equipping us to become engaged with a system that affects us deeply, and through which we in turn can effect radical and transformational change across our society.
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

This book won’t try to get you to vote for a particular party. It isn’t going to try to get you to vote at all. Something far better.

It’s going to show you that you could be voted for. That it could be your name on the ballot paper. Or that you could be working with someone whose name is, influencing your community more than you ever imagined.

From food banks to debt counselling, soup vans to street pastors, the church is doing an amazing job treating the victims of a flawed system. But it’s never going to be enough. Unless we also get involved in the decision-making process.

God cares deeply about the heart of our state, as well as the state of our hearts. And, as Bart Simpson once famously discovered, the vote is won – and history is made, and the kingdom advanced – by those who show up.

You can watch a great animation challenging you to show up here.

What People are Saying

Andy’s passion, biblical insight and story-telling ability will convince even the most sceptical that they could and should be more than mere commentators on politics.

Gary Streeter MP


A book that powerfully challenges our misconceptions about politics and asks us not to stand on the side lines and moan but to get involved.

Patrick Regan OBE, Founder & CEO, XLP


Books about politics can often be worthy yet a little dull. This is far from the case with Those Who Show Up. Andy wears his humour and heart on his sleeve and by the end I would be surprised if you aren’t signing up.

Tim Farron MP


At a time when too many have given up on politics, Andy Flannagan issues a compelling clarion call for the churches to grasp the opportunity to serve.  In my work, I see no group or network better placed to do so.  And he is right: there is the opportunity for our politics to be transformed, and for democracy to be renewed.

Stephen Timms MP


Andy is a poet, a troubadour, and a master storyteller.  His words are like incense, rising out of the muck and pain and poetry of the margins…

Shane Claiborne


Christians cannot stand on the sidelines any longer where politics is concerned! We need to get actively and prayerfully involved to see transformation in our communities and Nation. It is when we show up and engage with our world  that we can influence what happens in our Nation and pray His Kingdom Come. I recommend this book as a prophetic call to engage.

Dr Jonathan Oloyede, Convenor of the National Day of Prayer and Worship

A Note from Muddy Pearl

Full of enthusiasm and energy, this book encourages Christians to get involved in politics at a local and national level, and explains why it’s important. Peppered with the stories of ordinary people who have got involved in simple ways and made a significant and lasting change.

This is not a dry book about political theory. It is a book brimming with adventure and a sense of mission, telling with humour and passion the stories of those who are showing up.

It even gets you thinking, ‘Well, maybe I should go along and see, just, you know, show up…’


Still in the process of reading it but each chapter so far has challenged me and made me think about ways to make my voice heard in local and national political arenas.

Mike Dennis on Amazon


Inspiring book for anyone with a heart for politics and the UK.

Mark on Amazon


A must read for anyone interested in a fair society for all.

Mark W Richards on Amazon


A passionate argument about how Christians should engage in the politics in the UK and beyond. Worth a read even if politics isn’t your thing.

Martyn from Goodreads


The book helpfully busts many of the myths and excuses given by Christians for why they don’t or can’t get more involved in politics. From accepting the potential boringness of political meetings, to looking at whether we can engage with parties we disagree with Those who show up makes a powerful case for engagement. One of the most common complaints is that politics is dirty and too difficult to engage in without compromise –this is turned on its head with the conviction running through the pages that this is exactly why we must show up.

Danny Webster is advocacy programme manager at the Evangelical Alliance


Andy Flannagan’s brilliant new book, “Those who show up”, offers a slightly different take than usual on Christian engagement in politics. This isn’t a book aimed at convincing Christians of how important it is to vote, or even how important it is to lobby politicians.  No, Andy is arguing for really getting involved – really showing up.  Actually mucking in to the grimy world of politics – getting onto the pitch, not just shouting from the stands: joining political parties, standing for election, becoming the decision-maker – really showing up.

Andy Milligan


In many ways the “How should I vote?” question can be an exercise in missing the point. By contrast Andy Flannagan has written an engaging book about how a General Election can be an excellent opportunity to reflect on how we can be more intentional and effective in our political engagement.

Flannagan weaves a fascinating narrative from the stories of various people who are attached to all the major parties. Here are accounts of people who have shown up and been willing to get involved in the political process. What I particularly liked was that alongside some fairly spectacular stories of Christians being involved in politics there are also stories of people who have made a difference to their community without actually getting elected.

John Woods, Inspire Magazine


Those who show up deals compellingly with the various arguments voiced by Christians who are sceptical about getting involved in politics.

Flannagan is impressively nonpartisan with sufficient cross-party examples and heartwarming stories to make you feel that his concern is for kingdom advance, whoever is engaged.

Andy Peck, Christianity Magazine

About the Author

Andy Flannagan is one of the directors of Christians in Politics and the Director of Christians on the Left. Andy longs to see a just rewiring of the global economic system. He and his wife Jenny moved to a council estate in the centre of London five years ago, and are actively building friendships and community there.

Andy is also a writer and singer-songwriter – his books include God 360 and Distinctive Worship, along with a number of creative and critically acclaimed albums.

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