Thank God it’s Monday

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ISBN: 978-1-910012-57-4
Publication Date: 01/04/2019

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A timely reminder that transformative opportunities and gospel-inspired adventure await us all in the places we seldom look: our places of work ...
Revd Dr Kate Coleman

Five days a week. Or six. Thirty, forty, sixty hours. 90,000 in a lifetime. An abundance of creative possibility.

So much more than a means to a mortgage, our work is a gift from God. And he wants to see us flourish in it all, doing what we were made to do: creating value, building homes or businesses, teaching primary schoolers or training pilots, stitching up minor injuries or serving macchiatos. Being everyday servants and witnesses in the world he entrusted to each of us, giving glory to the One who made us and gave us work to do.

In this innovative, compelling, often funny, story-filled book, ex-adman Mark Greene explores what the Bible has to say about contemporary work. From dealing with the boss, to being the boss; from working with competitive co-workers, to the challenges of working alone, here’s an empowering, tried and tested guide towards a more fulfilling and fruitful working life.

A special 25th anniversary edition of a contemporary classic that’s stood the test of time and has been joyfully revised and updated for the times we’re in.

What People are Saying

A classic book that has become more relevant to Christians in the world of work than ever. A delightful blend of down-to-earth experience and heaven-sent wisdom. Intelligent, invigorating, inspirational and, ultimately, indispensable.

Revd Canon J. John

This delicious book is a must-read for everyone who works – which is just about everyone. Why? It winsomely demonstrates how ordinary people working in the world, whether remunerated or not, are doing something beautiful. Work is an act of worship that is pleasing to God. But more than that, this book shows how our daily work contributes to human and creational flourishing – what Jesus called the kingdom of God. Of course, there are problems, and Mark Greene helps us to navigate the complex reality of today’s workplace; he has been there. In the work we do, people of faith rub brains and brawn with people who do not know how beautiful is the Good News of Jesus and the kingdom. And this practical, biblically founded and richly story-formed book is the best I have read on how we can be ambassadors for Christ and agents of the kingdom of God in the workplace. An empowering gift it certainly is.

Dr R. Paul Stevens
Professor Emeritus, Marketplace Theology, Regent College, Vancouver; BC and Chairman, Institute for Marketplace Transformation; Author of Work Matters and Taking Your Soul to Work

In Thank God it’s Monday, Mark Greene has authored a brilliant book whose signature theme is integration – not just a foundational integration of faith with work, but also integration of biblical principles with contemporary practices; integrating memorable stories from Mark’s work life with creative applications for our work lives, and integrating work life into a full life of faith. This book is an exceptional resource for Christians expressing faith in a work-world of spiritual indifference and even hostility – a work-world that challenges us every day to become ‘wise as serpents’ yet ‘harmless as doves’.

Chuck Proudfit
Founder and President, At Work on Purpose

Mark Greene takes the interweaving of work and ministry to a new level. For many Christians, the idea that they are in full-time ministry – even though they are not officially commissioned or paid for it – is a foreign concept. Many rank Christian service in order of importance: foreign missionary services are the highest on the list, full-time church ministry is next and then the rest of us sit backseat to God’s true kingdom work, just because we work in a secular setting.

However, Greene encourages us to take a second look at the life of Christ and how each encounter with those around him was ministry. Whether it was a marketplace encounter, a wedding he was attending or the way he glorified his heavenly Father through his diligent work ethic, Jesus modelled this integrated faith. We are to do the same. We are to see our unique workplace as our full-time Christian service. A mind shift from work as a necessary evil, to work as a conduit for ministry will change the reader’s outlook on everyday evangelism.

Greene asks the question, ‘How does my personal faith affect my public work?’ He reminds each Christ-follower that they actually minister every day in the workplace, not always through words, but through their work ethic, integrity, interactions with co-workers and attitude, even when things are less than ideal. This book is a fresh lens on impact in a much needed time.

Jeremie Kubicek
Chairman, GiANT Worldwide

This articulate and artfully written book is a treasure of valuable insights and practical stories that presents an encouraging case for marketplace believers in Christ to actively participate in his imperative to ‘make disciples’. Mark gracefully clarifies how each of us has a high calling from God – right where we are!

Bob Benson
Founder & Past President, American Business Advisors, Inc.; President, Colorado Christian Business Alliance; Author of Stand Firm With God’s Power in Business

The first edition of Thank God it’s Monday was the first book I read that spoke, in the same breath, of faith and the great 9 to 5. It took me a while to process the idea of God at work, but eventually I started to consider how he might run things if he was the boss in my office. My prayer is that this latest edition of Mark’s excellent, entertaining, informative and inspiring book will challenge many to be the salt and light at work that God longs for and needs us to be if we are to help bring transformation to our society and the salvation our colleagues so desperately need.

Simon Ward
Former COO, British Fashion Council; Author of The Character of Fashion; Presenter of The Heart of Fashion Podcast, Premier Christian Radio

Pragmatic, witty, challenging! Have you ever wanted to sit down with Mark Greene and have a one-to-one, to be able to ask him all your hard and difficult questions about your workplace – whether you’re the boss or it’s about your boss, about your colleagues or your actual work, your workplace environment, about your career and does it really make a difference, really …? Well in the pages of this book, you have got Mark’s undivided attention and he is giving you his passionate, heartfelt responses that come from years of experience of living in the workplace with God.

From ridiculously comical real-life stories of his own, as well as testimonies from others, and littered with biblical references, this book is a manual to help you not just survive but thrive, to be an overcomer as a Christian in your place of work. Thank you, Mark, for taking the time to write down your heartbeat and wisdom so we can be better equipped.

Ros Turner
Director of Operations, Transform Work UK

Mark Greene’s Thank God it’s Monday speaks directly to our hearts and minds with relevant, practical examples. The book has stood the test of time for over a quarter-century, and this fifth edition addresses twentyfirst century issues head-on without condemnation.

Mark reminds us that, ‘the Bible resists a definition of work that relates merely to earning a wage’ and that, ‘human work is purposeful activity to the glory of God for the benefit of others.’ Mark does not tell us what to do but encourages the reader to, ‘try things. Start things. Persevere. But feel free to stop things when they’re not working for anyone.’

I have been active in the workplace for over forty years and I fully resonate with everything Mark says. Living out faith in the workplace is the best investment anyone can make, and Mark’s book gives each reader a refreshing perspective with timely pragmatic advice to get started.

Willy Kotiuga, PhD
Programme Director, Lausanne Global Workplace Forum; Chair, Bakke Graduate University Board of Regents; Former Senior Director, SNC-Lavalin

Mark Greene’s gem of a book deserves to be in a fifth edition. It is pure gold. Brutally honest, disarmingly blunt, hilariously funny and sharply insightful – as ever, Mark blends stories from the Bible and the everyday in a rich and readable feast of the provocative and the practical, the personal and the profound, the hard-headed and the heart-felt, to inspire any of us wrestling to make our workplace ‘God’s place’, to integrate ‘Word and work’.

In his fresh, lively, unique style he shows us work as a vocational issue, a discipleship issue, a missional issue and a pastoral issue and stirs us all again to walk ‘full time’ with God, doing his work, in his way and for his glory.

His Honour Judge David Turner QC

I was just starting out in my career as a banker when someone gave me a copy of Thank God it’s Monday, and it changed the way I thought about my work and shaped how I related to the people I worked with. I’ve recommended the book to so many people over the years and have kept delving into it at different points as I’ve faced difficult decisions or needed a reminder about living out my vocation in the world of business. So how could Mark Greene possibly improve on this seminal work in this updated edition? But he has. While our God may not change, the workplace is constantly changing, and he’s addressed the issues we’re dealing with today and brought them to life with stories which he tells so brilliantly. I’ll carry on recommending the book to a new generation of readers in the hope it helps and challenges them as it continues to help and challenge me in my ministry as a business leader.

Joelle Warren MBE DL
Executive Chair, Warren Partners

Thank God it’s Monday is a wake-up call to the joy God wants you to experience every day, no matter where you work. A gifted communicator, Mark Greene threads biblical insight, captivating stories and on-the-job wisdom into a book you’ll find hard to put down. You’ll be tremendously encouraged to see what God wants to do for you, your neighbour and his kingdom through your work. And when Mark is through with you, it will be hard for you not to say about your workplace, wherever you may find yourself on Monday morning, ‘Surely the Lord is in the place, and I was not aware of it.’

Bill Peel
Executive Director, Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University

This is an excellent book and addresses workplace challenges for Christians with skill. It isn’t easy to try and live out the gospel in the workplace. Trying to be consistent with what the Bible teaches causes us to fail and fall on a regular basis (getting cross, blaming others, over-doing it, claiming credit and so on). However, I think the targeted approach, described in the ‘Getting the message out’ chapter, sets a practical path. A great stimulus to try to become more Christ-like at work.

The Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP
Commissioner, Second Church Estates

When this book was originally published twenty-five years ago there were few resources aimed at helping Christians live out their lives in the marketplace. Mark’s insightful work became a resource for many. This updated version keeps the main themes of the original – that the workplace is God’s place; work as worship and that the way we work, relate to our colleagues, bosses and customers is our mission – while tackling more recent issues like the gig economy and learning to rely on our Provider for all our needs.

This book provides the reader with a solid theological basis for work as a vocational activity along with practical instruction for ministry and mission in our day-to-day lives. It is full of short, relevant, real-life stories that illuminate topics under discussion and draw the reader into the text.

Mark writes with the passion of one who believes that God has called each one of us as believers to a new life – an abundant life – in every aspect of our lives. He shares his own experiences – mistakes and successes – in sharing the gospel with co-workers. He calls us out for not living our beliefs in the workplace or worse, not believing that the truths of the gospel apply outside of church. He gives the reader biblical understanding on relating to bosses … and being the boss. Most of all he encourages each of us not to just work excellently, foster good relationships and act honestly with integrity, but also to develop a walk with God that shows ‘by grace, by the power of the Spirit to transform us, to work in us, [that] there [is] something about our light that points to God.’

Thank God it’s Monday is a book that contains accessible theology with a practical, everyday outworking. As such, it is a book that can be read as a resource or as a devotional, but either way, this is a book to read, digest, act upon and re-read. This is not a book to sit on the shelf – it is a valuable asset for anyone involved in work – and that means pretty much all of us!

Robin Stephens
National Director, International Christian Chamber of Commerce; CEO, Psephos Biomedica

To increasingly anxious twenty-first century workers, Mark Greene offers hope: hope that when we show up to work on Monday morning, God is still with us and he wants to use us for his purposes. My prayer is that everyone who reads this book will be encouraged by its intensely practical wisdom, inspired by its real-life stories and challenged to see their daily work as opportunities to worship their King. I couldn’t recommend it more wholeheartedly.

Chris Lake
Executive Director, Vere Institute

Realizing that God cares about your work is the first step into a new way of life. Few people have done as much to help people realize that transformation as Mark Greene. I am one of the thousands of people who first discovered the life-changing scope of this insight through Mark’s work. Thank God it’s a new edition of Mark’s classic Thank God it’s Monday, with stories and wisdom to bring this transformation to new generations!

Greg Forster
Director, Oikonomia Network

The first time I read Thank God it’s Monday years ago, it totally revolutionized my thinking, my leading and my preaching. With this latest version, I find myself even more inspired, encouraged and challenged that it’s not just important, but it’s also utterly possible, to see the kingdom of God break out in the workplace. In fact, it’s happening! All over the place. Through normal people who simply make themselves available to God. With his wonderful wit, lashings of scripture, pacey storytelling and gentle – but necessary – prodding, Mark has once again delivered a book which envisions and equips us to live for Jesus wherever he places us. Read it! Pray it! Do it! And let’s see all Heaven break loose …

Matt Summerfield
Senior Pastor, Zeo Church

Thank God it’s Monday has been, and will continue to be, one of the most important contributions made to the conversation about God at work. Mark’s ability to bring mic-drop worthy truths about the reality of who God is and our mission to make good work has never been more relevant than in our current generation. If you are someone who wants to encounter God and you are in the workplace, whatever that looks like, then you need to read this book.

Beth Yearsley
Training and Development Coordinator, University of Nottingham Students Union; Consultant, Younger Leadership College

Thank God it’s Monday remains as powerfully relevant today as it was when first published. Its message is a ‘call to action’ to reimagine mission, particularly for churches largely preoccupied with ministry that centres around buildings, meeting spaces and gathered Christian communities. It also continues to challenge any Christian who truly wants to change the world – to begin with their own! This twenty-five year anniversary edition is a timely reminder that transformative opportunities and gospel-inspired adventure await us all in the places we seldom look: our places of work …

Revd Dr Kate Coleman

Thank God it’s Monday was one of the first books I read as a new Christian a few years ago. Mark’s practical and inspirational ideas for living as a Christian in the workplace have absolutely influenced the way I interact with colleagues, but, moreover, have enabled my working life to deepen my own personal relationship with God. My work can, at times, be lonely, challenging and intensely stressful; yet, with the lessons learnt in Thank God it’s Monday, I feel infinitely better equipped to ‘run the race marked out’ for me.

Benjamin Glassberg-Frost
Principal Conductor, Glyndebourne Touring Opera

Mark communicates with humour, grace and razor-sharp insight. Thank God it’s Monday deepens our understanding of our God-given calling; it raises our expectations of what God can do through our lives and it equips us to share the radical and transforming love of God in every slot of the calendar. Reading it will give you fresh vision, it will make you laugh and think. Living it out will make you fruitful. I highly recommend it!

Andy Croft
Soul Survivor

This book will both excite and challenge everyone who identifies with a workplace, however that may look. This is about how our short periods of time with a gathered worshipping community send us out to be followers of Jesus Christ among the people and places of our daily work as we continue to ‘be’ the Church. This book will encourage readers to look and listen more attentively to the presence of God and to be expectant about God’s work in them and through them, Sunday through to Saturday. I hope these pages will enable people to live Christian discipleship more confidently, understanding it not as some sort of additional activity but rather as becoming fully ourselves as followers of Christ amid the joys and struggles of our daily work.

The Rt Revd Rachel Treweek
Bishop of Gloucester

The original version of this book established Mark Greene as a leading exponent of whole-life discipleship. This updated volume will further the global movement he spearheads for a robust and holistic Christianity rooted in scripture and everyday life.

Dr Peter S. Heslam
University of Cambridge

About the Author

Mark is the Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and speaks, tells stories, and writes widely, mainly on the joys, trials and surprises of living the whole of life as a follower of Jesus in today’s world.

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