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ISBN: 978-1-910012-03-1
Publication Date: 27/11/2013
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‘Unapologetic and defiant - an ancient, urgent call to Christian discipleship.’
Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer

Stand is a call to really live.  To live out your Christian life – standing on the truth of who God is and who you are in him.  Standing on the reality of what he’s done.  Standing firm in battle.  Standing up for others and being prepared to stand out. In the steps of Mere Christianity and The Fight, Karl Martin re-tells and re-frames God’s ancient call to discipleship and witness for a new generation, keeping Jesus firmly at the centre.

What People are Saying

“Karl Martin’s passion for Jesus Christ is infectious.  He has built up one of Britain’s most exciting and innovative churches through prayer, vision, determination and a longing for more people to experience the love of God for themselves.”
Nicky Gumbel

“We need voices that proclaim in a non-preachy and helpful manner what a person of God looks like and how to become one.  Therein lies power to exceed normal.  I’m thankful that this book gives access to that power that all of us long for.”
Brian Tome

“Karl Martin lives what he believes.  He is also a brilliant communicator.  In this practical and engaging book Karl gives us a glimpse of the radical Christian life, and a taste for living it to the full.”
Amy Orr-Ewing

“A rare combination: both profoundly rooted in Scripture and completely drenched in real life experience.”
Mike Breen

A Note from Muddy Pearl

This book has power.  Whatever stage of the Christian life you’re at, you’ll find it has a way of getting you unstuck, of sorting out the things that hold you back, getting you up off the sofa, and really living out your calling.


Overall, it was clearly and succinctly and excellently written, and meant for people like me still churning through faith and turned off by hundreds of pages of presumptuous philosophy. The parts that resonated (ie: chapter on pride…) really resonated. The only places this book didn’t measure up to what I wanted from it personally were when the examples were straight from Central’s ministry, because I’m not a church leader looking for new advice. I’m still just a churchgoer trying to be a better Christian.

Haley on Goodreads


This book got better & better with every chapter. Practical & inspiring for those who want to live a real authentic Christian life.

Sabiha on Goodreads


From New Wine magazine #60, April 2014

This is a very readable book, with some great turns of phrase and visual imagery. The chapters conclude with questions and exercises to help the reader engage more fully with the topic. It’s an eclectic book covering, among other topics: understanding the person of Jesus, relating to God as Father, our life in the Spirit, the concept of salvation (wholeness as well as rescue), the call to live in the not-yet now, the reality of the enemy, the difference between discipling and looking after, and the call to be missional. Stand’s main strength is its call to courage and action. It is written by someone who puts his theology into practice and calls us to do the same.

Rob Bewley is a New Wine Network Leader and Vicar & Mission Leader of the Parish of Christ the King, Kettering.


Better than a cinnamon latte, 23 Mar 2014

Karl writes with humility and conviction, pointing us to Jesus and opening up the Bible in fresh, memorable ways. Among my favourite bits are his description of the story of the indebted and unmerciful servant in Matthew 18 whose debt is equivalent to that of a small European country and who is owed what Karl describes as approximately the value of a cinnamon latte. Despite being forgiven his debt, the servant grabs the throat of the latte-owing person – to his own detriment. Karl moves out from this parable of un-mercy to describe a way of being merciful, with mended hearts that can receive from God. “Stand” can help us become people who are passionate but humble and can help the church to grow more beautiful, reflecting Jesus more clearly.

Sarah Lyall


Standing up for Jesus, 23 Mar 2014

A great insight into how to not just talk the talk but actually how Karl Martin lives it out – through regular discipleship groups, through daily application and challenge and through standing up for what he believes in. Challenging and inspirational, it brings a fresh perspective to what it means to stand in this day and age. Well worth reading.

Duncan McFadzean


Fantastic !  28 February 2014

I have read and devoured Karl Martin’s book, Stand and it was terrific. Karl is an excellent, extremely likable, and accessible writer – with some moxie and punch to boot. ‘Stand’ at times made me want to sit to chew more deeply and at other times, jump more into the way and life of Jesus.

Dan Deeble – USA


Hitting the nail on the head, 17 Feb 2014

What I love about this book is the balance of relevance, challenge and compassion conveyed through a guy who is just as human as everyone else. It’s like Karl is in the room with you, he cracks the odd joke, he gets the strains and pressures in this life and he is completely honest. Reading this you don’t feel judged, but encouraged to think bigger, to ask some of the deeper questions and to get to grips with what living a life with Jesus at the centre really means, what it can look like and how it can change your relationship with God and those around you big time. It’s a nudge out of the bird’s nest to dare, stand and step out. Onward and upward. Definitely a good read!

Miriam J.G.


The life we are supposed to be living, 22 Jan 2014

I really appreciated this very practical and accessible book about what it really means to stand up for Jesus in this day and age. Full of invitation to participate in Father God’s exciting adventure and be fully loved by Him, it in equal measure challenges us to think about the way we lead our lives and our expectations of what God wants to do through us. Karl’s passion for Jesus and the life He wants us all to live is evident on each page and though the style is anecdotal and chatty there is much to ponder on and read again and again until the truth has lodged in your heart. It’s the kind of book to read quickly once and then spend a bit more time on whatever sections resonate particularly with your context. I have given it to a number of friends and all of them have found something that speaks especially to them! The exercises at the end of each chapter put into practice some of the theory and are quite helpful. We can be transformed by the renewing of our minds – and this book certainly helped me to think in a different and perhaps clearer way about my relationship with God.

Pamela Lyall


Buy this book! 22 Dec 2013

This is not a book to keep nicely on your bookshelf, this is a book to keep dog-eared by your bed, to dip in and out of again and again and to pass on to others. One of the few Christian books to not only inspire and challenge but also to practically equip you in the way of being an effective disciple of Jesus. It’s funny and normal and accessible in its presentation and yet chock-full of the extraordinary and the supernatural – grounded in the Word of God and always pointing towards Jesus. Really the best way to describe this is book is as a ‘tool’, we are not left simply with a host of grand ideas or philosophical questions or statements but rather we are told beautiful and exciting stories, given solid and eloquent teaching and then, crucially, given ways of practically applying what we’ve read to our lives, to the the life of our church and our community. In short, read this book. Read it well and then buy it for everyone you know and then just get on with it. In the words of the man himself – “Doing it is doing it, talking about it is talking about it!”

Naomi Black


Read this before everyone else, 18 Dec 2013

Why are people so slow to review a good new book ?  Probably waiting to see who else is going to buy/read/recommend it.  This is easy to read yet challenging & inspiring.  Read it before anyone else does.  Then you can be a leader and be inspired ( a bit like the plot suggests really … )

Brian Robertson


A World Changer, 2 Dec 2013

Could not put this book down – challenging, inspirational and world changing! Highly recommend for those who feel they are just “going through the motions”.

Andrea M. Goff – USA

About the Author

Karl is the Senior Pastor of Central – a church with a big vision. He is also the founder of Cairn, a movement of mission and discipleship, involved in training and building relationships with churches across the Celtic nations. He is passionate about equipping, encouraging and releasing individuals in leadership.

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