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Publication Date: 27/03/2020

Price: £Three for Two

Let books keep you company with these special bundles

Working from home? Self-isolating? Cancelled holiday or trip? It can be fun to have a lie-in at first, but that can soon wear off, boredom and, worse still, loneliness setting in. Rather than falling into a coma in front of daytime TV, or scrolling through endless articles about virus transmission, why not let books keep you company? This could be an opportunity: a chance to broaden and renew the mind, plan new things, think, learn … switch off and read! Plan a book retreat. Recent research shows that reading a book actually makes you happier!

To help you choose which books to read, we’ve put together some very special offers on groups of our books. We are committed to still getting our books sent out to you in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, and with a third off and free postage by Royal Mail, what’s not to like?

Check them out below!

A Note from Muddy Pearl

The Working from Home Bundle
Includes: Thank God it’s Monday by Mark Greene, The Accidental Social Entrepreneur by Grant Smith and Digitally Remastered by Guy Brandon

Are you working from home? Why not take time to take stock, reflect on how you spend your time at work and set some thoughtful career goals? How can you show God’s love to colleagues? Or contribute more creatively? We’ve put together a bundle of books to inspire you when it comes to work.


The Home All Together Bundle
Includes: Left To Their Own Devices? Confident Parenting in a World of Screens by Katharine Hill, The Really Really Busy Person’s Book on Parenting by Katharine Hill and Rob Parsons and Probably the Best Idea in the World by Mark Greene

With school closures, many parents might well be asking ‘just what am I going to do with the kids?!’ To help to dispel the worry a little, we want to encourage parents at this time to seize the day and think of it as an opportunity: find new ways to engage with the kids, try new activities and grow closer as family.


The Best Books To Curl Up With Bundle
Includes: Even the Sparrow by Jill Weber, The Promise of Blessing by Kate Patterson and Heart Fire by Johannes Hartl

Right now, we all need to play our part and stay at home. Why not curl up with some great books? Research shows that reading a book actually makes you happier! We’ve put together a brilliant book bundle to inspire you and keep boredom and loneliness at bay.


The Armchair Adventure Bundle 1
Includes: God Untamed by Johannes Hartl, Digitally Remastered by Guy Brandon and The Promise of Blessing by Kate Patterson

Take a literary adventure during lockdown from the comfort of your own home with the first of our Armchair Adventure Book Bundles. Plan a book retreat and discover stories of hope!

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