Probably the Best Idea in the World

Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-1-910012-55-0
Publication Date: 22/03/2018

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"How we love is the most important thing to God, and love is fundamentally about relationship."

At the heart of everything there is one very good idea – the true currency of our society, the key to all human flourishing and happiness. That idea is very simple.

It is love, actually. Love God. Love one another. Your neighbour. Your enemy.

Simple – but far from easy. As the statistics and prolific stories of broken friendships, toxic workplaces, divided churches, dysfunctional families and lonely people testify. And yet it is a commandment. Not just a good idea, but the most important one, the one from which all the others flow.

With brilliant storytelling and deep theological insight, Mark Greene explores Jesus’ familiar yet greatest command as a simple but liberating framework to help us make decisions that enhance rather than damage our relationships – whether it’s about replacing a dishwasher or managing a team. He challenges us to put relationships deliberately back at the heart of all things

Full of humour, contemporary examples and research, Probably The Best Idea in the World shows how Jesus’ emphasis on thinking relationally is not only a liberating basis for our personal lives, but a dynamic foundation for our workplaces, our society, and our global community…

… because putting relationships first transforms everything. 

What People are Saying

This is a profound book about a simple idea: that the secret of being human is God’s gracious love to us and our response of love to him and others. Compelling stories and practical advice build on theological insight and sociological reflection, all served up with a dash of humour. The result is a book that will inspire you, and then help you, to love well and therefore live well.
Tim Chester, Pastor of Grace Church Boroughbridge, Faculty Member of Crosslands Training and Author

Mark Greene is a legend. When I grow up I’d like to be more like him. I can always trust Mark to have his finger on the pulse of God and the world. I can’t think of a better opportunity than this book to learn the deep and beautiful Christian foundation essential for our times – Love.
Danielle Strickland, Speaker, Author and Social Justice Advocate

Detaching relationships from banking leads to a global crash. Detaching relationships from sex leads to hurt and pain. Detaching relationships from politics leads to ugly tribalism. In this book, Mark Greene brilliantly shows that loving relationships should be central to a healthy world because they are central to its wonderful Creator, who is Three-in-One.
Andy Flannagan, Executive Director, Christians in Politics

Full of grace, wisdom and hope, Mark explores the transformational power of a distinctive relational lens for every sphere of life. When, as organizations, communities and individuals, our daily purpose is to love, value and respect other people, we weave a pattern of life that goes with the grain of the universe.
Dr. Shirley Jenner, Lecturer, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester

To the Christian, this book may be thought to state the ‘Basil Fawlty’ obvious. Jesus told us in clear terms what are the two most important things in life. But working that out in reality is the issue, isn’t it? With real life examples and Mark’s chutzpah sense of humour, any reader will get the five main principles involved in putting Jesus’ saying into practice in all the different areas of life. Mark makes clear that there is no tension, logical or practical, in fulfilling our calling to love our neighbour and improve their lot whilst presenting the good news of Jesus’ life-changing offer, however limited our energy. Nor is there tension between our calling to love God and look for Jesus’ return whilst doing all we can to improve the welfare of those around us. We are all apprentices of Jesus in this, and this book just may – probably will – inspire you and encourage you to put into practice what is not just probably the best idea in the world.
Sir Jeremy Cooke, International Arbitrator, Former High Court Judge

In this inspiring book, Mark Greene draws us into a compelling vision of a God who is inherently relational and utterly interested in the authenticity, generosity and practicality of our relationships. It offers great ideas for transforming everyday frontline contexts, helping us see them through the lens of the kind of love to which Jesus calls us, with very helpful, practical suggestions for workplaces, churches, marriages and parenthood. While our generation may well be the most connected in history, Mark’s attractive vision of lived-out love for one’s neighbour is more needed than ever, and this book highlights the unique opportunity the church has to model genuine community which leads to our human flourishing.
Andy Wolfe, Dean of Younger Leadership College, Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham, Former Vice Principal, The Nottingham Emmanuel School

Mark Greene’s simple message about the importance of good relationships has challenged me to reassess how I apply the greatest commandment in my interactions with people at home, work, in my community and more broadly. His great skills as a storyteller makes this book as accessible as it is profound. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to work out their faith wherever God puts them, but perhaps it should be a must-read too for our policy makers, and community and business leaders, as the prize is so great for us as a society if we learn (or relearn) to live more relationally.
Joëlle Warren, MBE, DL, Excessive Chair, Warren Partners

It has been a joy and privilege for us at the Jubilee Centre to be companions with Mark Greene and LICC along the road of discovering the depth and breadth of God’s vision for true human flourishing – without question the Best Idea in the World. Mark’s perceptive and imaginative writing teases out what this means, demonstrating powerfully that it’s much more than an idea – it’s a calling, a lifestyle, a vision and a purpose that can and should capture our heart and soul all life long!
Jonathan Tame, Executive Director, Jubilee Centre

Inspiring, moving, practical, life-transforming. The principles of relational living in this book not only have profound implications for every area of life but have the power to transform the world of modern healthcare.
John Wyatt, Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics, University College London

(Probably) the best book I have read on this subject! I read The R Factor many moons ago, and still have a copy on my bookshelf. I am so pleased that Mark Greene has taken up the challenge to republish this excellent material in his own inimitable style. He encourages us with wit, humour and up-to-date real-life examples, to step beyond our self-obsessed culture – and to take seriously Jesus’ command to love God and to love each other. Read it and you will be challenged to join the adventure of playing your part in creating a better world.
Katharine Hill, UK Director, Care for the Family


This book is a solid and relevant unpacking of Jesus’ biggest commandment for our disconnected and increasingly lonely culture. If you want to better understand and practise the love of Christ in your everyday, going to work, washing the dishes, being a parent, spouse or good friend life, then this book is a helpful and humorous companion. For those in communities wanting to dig into some biblical principles for doing life together intentionally and well, I’d particularly recommend chapter 3. Some helpful reflections on how to live more ‘presently’, and love more consistently.

Hannah Montgomery, Associate Pastor, Central Church Edinburgh

About the Author

Mark is the Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and speaks, tells stories, and writes widely, mainly on the joys, trials and surprises of living the whole of life as a follower of Jesus in today’s world.

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