Luminous Dark and Gatecrashing (SPECIAL OFFER)

Pages: 224/184
ISBN: 978-1-910012-45-1 (Luminous Dark) / 978-1-910012-09-3 (Gatecrashing)
Publication Date: 26/10/2017

Price: £17.99

Two incredible stories of what it means to hold onto God - one in the midst of loss and grief, the other in the midst of Ibiza party culture.

Luminous Dark is the story of Alain Emerson, who found himself as a young widower having lost his twenty-three-year-old wife to cancer at the age of only twenty-three. Alain’s retraces his journey through the stages of grief and loss, of choosing to lean into the pain and to face God with his disappointment, ultimately emerging with a defiant hope and a sense of having seen God’s face – the one who knows our pain, who walks beside us, and who suffers and weeps with us.

Gatecrashing follows the story of Brian and Tracy Heasley, who took up God’s call and the invitation of 24-7 Prayer to go to the party island of Ibiza and pray. For seven years, they walked and prayed around the walls of the San Antonio. Joined by young volunteers, they helped people home, looked after those in danger of being robbed, and befriended all kinds of people, from bar owners to prostitutes. Their story will inspire you to pray and show God’s love in practical and creative ways to your own community.

Get these two powerful stories from 24-7 Prayer leaders for the special price of £17.99!

What People are Saying

…about Luminous Dark

“This book is a brilliant, personal and ultimately hopeful journey through grief and beyond. I love how Alain weaves a moving personal story with powerful biblical insights, prayerful reflections and a pastor’s heart. While dealing with death, it is also about the loss, disappointment and suffering we all experience. Alain wrestles with the mystery of woundedness and the painful journey of being transformed by the love of God through suffering. If you don’t want grief to define you forever, read this book.”
Peter Lynas, NI Director, Evangelical Alliance

“Luminous Dark is, quite simply, one of the most powerful books I have ever read. I couldn’t leave it down. Alain is a godly man, fully of integrity, warmth and depth. It is not surprising that what he has written simply oozes those qualities.
This is a book to be read by all who have experienced suffering and grief – and all who will do so in the future. It brings together the experience of a young man who faces the sudden death of his 23-year-old wife; it is illustrated by his poetic and honest journaling; and it is deeply rooted in theology and modern culture.
If you are like me, you will probably weep your way through it. Whatever else, don’t miss it! A beautifully written Christian book which should become a classic.”
The Rt Revd Harold C Miller, Church of Ireland Bishop of the Diocese of Down & Dromore

“Luminous Dark is an exceptional, inspiring, deeply courageous, and moving book. It is a mediation and spiritual response to the question “what will you do with your pain?” In his book Alain encourages us to embrace the pain of loss and offers one of the most sensitive and comprehensive books on the theology of grief in our time.”
Andrea Wigglesworth, M.Sc. Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

“I had the painful privilege of walking with Alain through the valley of the shadow of death. It was hard watching him stare down his grief and vulnerably wrestle with God. As I read Luminous Dark I am thankful that he has told us what he saw down that tough dark road. This is a theologically thoughtful and pastorally powerful resource for us all. As Ohio band Over The Rhine sing… ‘it is a beautiful piece of heartache.’”
Steve Stockman, Author of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2

…about Gatecrashing

“God so loved the world that God did not just send words on paper, but Word made flesh. In Jesus, God put skin on and moved into the neighborhood, to live among us. One of the most important ministries in the world is the ministry of presence. Walking alongside, living among, earning the right to speak into people’s lives by loving them well – as they are and not as they could be. Sometimes one of the obstacles to Christ has been Christians who have so much to say with our mouths and so little to show of God’s love with our lives. Here is the story of a ministry of presence, a ministry of moving in and listening … It is also a reminder that little Ibiza’s are everywhere if we only have eyes to see. Let it invite you to find your own Ibiza.”
Shane Claiborne, Author and Activist

“Gatecrashing is a story where Brian humbly compels you to love people in the shadow of God’s love. At one point in the book I just found myself crying because that heart which Brian talks about for Ibiza – I know that heart. I know the tears that come when God breaks your heart for a land, a place, a people group. Brian draws you to God, to God’s heart, and the impact is powerful. Read this book — please read this book — and allow this story to open your heart and inspire you to what might be possible when we take a chance on obedience. Allow it to inspire you to mission fuelled by prayer. For this is a story that calls me to keep chasing after God.”
Helen Warnock, Principle of Belfast Bible College

“Brian demonstrates the importance of prayer, working in some of the most difficult places – and shows how God answers us in the most unexpected and unusual ways, always reaching out for a lost generation. A powerful read…”
Paul Cowley Executive Director of The William Wilberforce Trust

About the Authors

Alain Emerson is Irish National Director of 24-7 Prayer and one of the lead Pastors at Emmanuel Church, a thriving young church in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. Alain has a passion to see God do a ‘new thing’ in Ireland. He is a former Irish league footballer who now enjoys watching sport rather than playing it, especially the mighty Liverpool! He enjoys hanging out with friends, reading and helping his wife run a dental practice.

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Brian is National Director of 24-7 Prayer in Great Britain and has been part of the movement since it began. He is a gifted communicator with a passion for prayer, mission and justice. Together, Brian and his wife Tracy pioneered the remarkable work of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza, where they lived with their two sons for seven years.

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