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Publication Date: 10/02/2019

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A profoundly practical, biblical and enlightening book ... As you read it, you may come to realise that change is possible because God is a specialist in restoring broken lives.
Dr Pablo Martinez, Psychiatrist, Author and Bible Teacher

We all experience deep hurt, or challenging life events, at some point in our lives. We all need to care for our emotional and mental health. But most of us do so alone, with little access to help of any kind. According to the World Health Organization, hundreds of millions of people around the world struggle with emotional and relational issues—and do not have access to help. LifeCare is a response to this crisis.

An accessible, practical and deeply encouraging resource that brings together discipleship practices, Christ-centered recovery skills, and research-supported pastoral care exercises, LifeCare guides you through the process of attending to your past, thought life, emotions, behaviors, and difficult circumstances to help you find the joy and purpose of abundant life.

For all who feel called to address issues in life and relationships, but never find the time or context, LifeCare can be used as a personal guide, or with others, to develop healthy patterns and attitudes – releasing us to be all God has made us to be, and in time enabling us to help others do the same.

What People are Saying

Growth, healing and peace (shalom) are inseparable parts of the same cluster.  It is the cluster of discipleship which begins with grasping God´s truth and ends with experiencing Christ´s abundant life. Salvation is a rescue operation followed by progressive restoration into the image of Christ.

If you want to be helped in this divinely guided journey read this book. LifeCare will show you how deep burdens from the past are not an obstacle, because, as the author says, ‘relationships are formed and strengthened in the broken places – the “humble places” of spirit’. Solome Skaff has written a profoundly practical, biblical and enlightening book. It is my prayer that, as you read it, you may experience that change is possible because God is a specialist in restoring broken lives.

Dr Pablo Martinez, Psychiatrist, Author and Bible Teacher


The LifeCare course and book form a well thought-through approach to emotional health and pastoral care. There are sound theological and psychological principles supported by the authors’ wide personal experience. The layout will encourage interaction and deeper learning. Complex issues are addressed safely and helpfully – with positive encouragement to seek relevant support alongside LifeCare. I recommend its use in churches and community groups who want to care for and grow people well.

Dr Rob Waller, Consultant Psychiatrist and Director of The Mind and Soul Foundation


From who we are, and whose we are, to what we do and how we do it, this immensely practical and deeply theological book will take you on a journey to the heart of the matter. Whoever we are, and whatever we’ve done, we’re known and loved by God. Practical exercises guide the reader to a new start, and personal stories of transformation offer glimpses of grace amidst the grit of real life. I would highly recommend LifeCare as a companion through the ups and downs we all will face.

Reverend Alison Hogger, Vicar, St Paul’s Foleshill and Director of Keeping Health in Mind


LifeCare is an easy-to-use, practical approach to well-being and spiritual growth. Sol shares years of research and experience that just about anyone could use to build a healthy perspective on life and community. The material has been a blessing to me personally, and I’ve also found the content to be very effective in helping others. This is one of the best resources for personal growth in community that I’ve come across in my 9 years as an organizational mission leader in Europe.

Gregory L. Nichols, PhD, Regional Leader, Greater Europe Mission 


There is hope here! No matter how stuck you feel, you can change. This book is not a prescription for an easy solution, nor a soothing tonic to deepen your denial. It’s a guide to abundant life, and it will ask you to work. So if you are ready to grow, find in these pages a path toward redemption and the stories to prove you can get there.

Amy Simpson, Author of Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission


I would highly recommend both the author and the content. Sol is a man of great integrity who has a passion for releasing potential in people. LifeCare is a thoughtful and empowering book and training that leads people to a place of freedom. It is a timely resource for us as a society with so many struggles, where people face change and uncertainty in culture, relationships and finances. This book will help them journey through the terrain of life in a more empowered, aware and purposeful way. Everyone is called to care, some are more natural than others, but this is a book that equips us all to become more fully human, while at the same time creating environments where people can flourish.

Rich Robinson, Founder & Leader of Catalyse Change, Director of 5Q Collective


How do we care well for the ninety-nine God has already sent us to shepherd, while also going out for lost sheep?LifeCare provides a model to only manage that tension, but also provides a means to equip the saints for their work of ministry.

Anthony and Zoe Delaney, Ivy Church Network, England

About the Author

Solome Skaff holds a master’s degree in Counselling from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Master of Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Edinburgh. He is a Licensed Professional Counsellor and has been working in restoration ministries since 2002. He and Hillary, his wife, have gone on to create The Forward Foundation (501c3 charity), which provides counseling, coaching and coach equipping for churches and individuals locally, nationally and abroad. 

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