Gatecrashing – The Story of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza

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ISBN: 978-1-910012-09-3
Publication Date: 25/07/2014
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‘Brian and Tracy Heasley are two of the most remarkable leaders I've ever known and their story is a timeless testament to the power of answered prayer.’
Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer

More pubs, clubs and bars per square mile than almost anywhere else in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of young people, intent on having the best holiday possible. The beautiful island of Ibiza is often derided for the shocking scenes of excess, violence and incapacity that inevitably result.

24-7 Prayer took up the invitation, God’s call to go to the party island and pray. So Brian and Tracy Heasley went. For seven years, they walked and prayed around the walls of the San Antonio. And most nights, joined by young volunteers, they walked through the town, chatting to clubbers and offering prayer. Thousands said yes. Some knelt, some put their hands together, some shared deep worries and concerns. They helped people home, looked after those in danger of being robbed, and befriended all kinds of people, from bar owners to prostitutes. The familiar T-shirts of 24-7 Ibiza came to be regarded as a fourth emergency service.

Brian and Tracy’s story will inspire you to pray and show God’s love for your own community as you seek to express the gospel in whatever situation he has placed you.

This wee video will give you a flavour of that story.

What People are Saying

“God so loved the world that God did not just send words on paper, but Word made flesh. In Jesus, God put skin on and moved into the neighborhood, to live among us. One of the most important ministries in the world is the ministry of presence. Walking alongside, living among, earning the right to speak into people’s lives by loving them well – as they are and not as they could be. Sometimes one of the obstacles to Christ has been Christians who have so much to say with our mouths and so little to show of God’s love with our lives. Here is the story of a ministry of presence, a ministry of moving in and listening … It is also a reminder that little Ibiza’s are everywhere if we only have eyes to see. Let it invite you to find your own Ibiza.”

Shane Claiborne, author and activist


“I had the privilege of walking the streets of San Antonio with Brian and Tracy on a number of occasions. Brian and Tracy demonstrated a love, commitment and passion for everyone they met. I could imagine Jesus treading the streets with them. This book will inspire you to see that there is no place too dark and there is no person beyond Christ’s reach.”

Billy Kennedy Leader of the Pioneer Network


“Gatecrashing is a story where Brian humbly compels you to love people in the shadow of God’s love. At one point in the book I just found myself crying because that heart which Brian talks about for Ibiza – I know that heart. I know the tears that come when God breaks your heart for a land, a place, a people group. Brian draws you to God, to God’s heart, and the impact is powerful. Read this book — please read this book — and allow this story to open your heart and inspire you to what might be possible when we take a chance on obedience. Allow it to inspire you to mission fuelled by prayer. For this is a story that calls me to keep chasing after God.”

Helen Warnock National Director of Scripture Union in Northern Ireland


“Brian demonstrates the importance of prayer, working in some of the most difficult places – and shows how God answers us in the most unexpected and unusual ways, always reaching out for a lost generation. A powerful read…”

Paul Cowley Executive Director of The William Wilberforce Trust


“It’s easy to sit on a sofa and critique a decadent, hedonistic culture. There are plenty of books which do that. Or you can swallow your pride, learn the language, meet the people and love them. This raw gem from Brian Heasley tells THAT story.”

Andy Flannagan Director, Christians on the Left


“Brian is the real deal; full of integrity, kind and committed. This book captures so much of the amazing things God has done in and through him. An inspiration to all.”

Tim Hughes Director, Worship Central


“Prayer can be this confusing, mysterious, transforming, terrifying, totally life-altering practice — and yet, so often, my prayer life seems to fall flat. I can’t find time to pray, or I find myself bowing my head and saying things like, “Dear God, I’d really like that new pair of jeans.” If you’re like me, this book will wake up the idea of prayer for you. Brian doesn’t just spend these pages telling you why prayer matters. He shows you. With stories. And by the end, you won’t only have new ways to pray or new reasons to pray — you’ll have a new passion for prayer as well.”

Allison Vesterfelt Author of Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage


“I got to know Brian and Tracy when they first set up the Ibiza branch of the organisation… one that I’d never heard of till that point. They were out on the street, handing out bits of fruit to workers and tourists. Naturally, I thought it was some kind of PR stunt for a club or bar — so was rather surprised to find out the truth.

As a tourist once put it to me… ‘So: groups are just going round talking to people and then picking up drunks and taking them to their hotels or the hospital — and they’re not selling anything?’

I’ve seen them, over the years, carry away hundreds of drunk, confused people and get them cared for. Many of them have been abandoned or become detached from a group of friends and left alone in the street. The majority of them have got themselves into their situation due to the over-indulgence in all that Ibiza has to offer. But there’s no questioning or moralising on the part of 24/7… They see someone in trouble — and they’re there to help.

I’ve seen them take abuse at times, get covered in vomit, questioned by the police and not receive a word of thanks from those they help. They’ve been accused of being a pirate taxi service and drug dealers too — none of which has deterred them from their voluntary duty.

I suppose, in a way, they are PRs — just not for a bar or a nightclub. Brian once told me that the best way they could spread the word of God, and how much he cares for us, was by showing a practical example of this to people.

The group continues, under new leadership, and they’ll still be on the street tonight helping those that have over-indulged. The bar owners, police, ambulance staff — and the casualties themselves — owe 24/7 a big debt of thanks.”

Sean Conway, The Huddle Bar, Ibiza

A Note from Muddy Pearl

Brian is a master of understatement. One meeting, early on, he happened to mention prayer walking. I asked what he meant. He said — it was almost off-hand — that he and Tracy prayer walked around San Antonio roughly twice a week. ‘For how long, I asked?’ ‘All the time we were there,’ he said, simply, as if that was completely normal. ‘Even if Tracy or I were away, each team would do at least one prayer walk.’ At the time I was struggling to find time to prayer walk around our local area — I hadn’t managed it once in six months. For days afterwards I couldn’t get Brian’s words out of my head. Seven years! This is an incredible story of faithful prayer and our Lord’s faithful response — quietly understated, carefully accurate — think about it, savour it, allow it to sink in, and be truly, genuinely inspired …


“A real gem…”

I’ve never been to Ibiza, I expect this book is even better if you have, but this book is really good anyway from the design values going into it to the words coming out of it. This book is a real gem and a brilliant guide to doing prayer, active prayer and community building, with the pub and club generation (whatever age they happen to be!).

This is part testimony but more importantly it’s a real practical guide too, asking you to think about things, to look inwards and better yet to build outwards – including real help on how to go about outreach and building prayer space.

If you are a street pastor or angel then this would be a fantastic book, if you are yourself a clubber then this is a great book to read, if you are a youth minister, a church leader or just someone with a heart for prayer and a desire to reach out and gain some insight or understanding to our pub and club generations then this book is likely a must for you to read.

It’s honest, easy to read, maybe at times a little bit shocking even, but it is above all filled with spirit. Really I don’t think anyone would regret buying this book or could read it and not find something helpful for their own prayer life or prayer ministry.

Reviewed by Melanie Carroll 31/07/2014

“I laughed, I cried, I pondered and was challenged…”

Just finished Brian Heasley’s unputdownable ‘Gatecrashing’. Wow, I laughed, I cried, I pondered and was challenged as I read this amazing account of Brian and Tracy Heasley’s God-sized adventure in Ibiza. Not being remotely interested or involved in the “clubbing” scene, I wondered whether this book would resonate with me .. it certainly did – it was a breath of fresh air and an eye opener as Brian draws us into the night scenes of Ibiza and vividly describes his experiences of loving the lost. I was enthralled to read the story of their vision, their calling, the reality of the highs and lows, the struggles and the triumphs and the day to day reality of living the adventure that God called them to, and the love and grace of God that they shared with everyone in their path including the lost, the hurting and the marginalised. Please do buy the book and read the story of how this amazing couple backed by much prayer and support made a huge difference in Ibiza. Apart from being impacted by their story, I loved the practical step by step nuggets of wisdom and truth on establishing a prayer pattern, prayer walking, street prayer etc. I love the way Brian describes how God can be found and recognised through the beauty of his creation and the importance of balancing time in the community with times of being still in the presence of God. The pace of the book is brilliant – Secret Histories was truly inspiring – the part we can play in other people’s histories through prayer or direct/indirect actions, and the consequences that we may never be aware of this side of heaven! ‘Jayne’s Story’ at the end had me weeping in a taxi with goose bumps. There’s so much in this immensely readable book to encourage, inspire and equip, and you come away feeling as if you have had a personal encounter with the author – which I find is true of all of Muddy Pearl’s books – and indeed a fresh encounter with God!

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Caroline White on

Read it! You won’t be disappointed!
Loved this book. I found it hugely readable and very honest and real. I love how God speaks to people through his creation and right where they are at. He can reach people on a rock in Ibiza just as much as in a church meeting, maybe more so in fact, with no judgment – just love. It inspired me to step out of the boat into my own faith journey. Great book!
Reviewed by Rachael Birch on 15 April 2015 (

About the Author

Brian is International Prayer Director of 24-7 Prayer and has been part of the movement since it began. He is a gifted communicator with a passion for prayer, mission and justice. Together, Brian and his wife Tracy pioneered the remarkable work of 24-7 Prayer in Ibiza, where they lived with their two sons for seven years.

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