Campus Lights

Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-1-910012-73-4
Publication Date: 30/05/2019

Price: £12.99

An eye-opening look at campus ministries around the globe – full of stories designed to inspire you, challenge you, and equip you, as you engage universities in your own contexts.
Tom Lin, President, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, USA

A meeting in a restaurant in Eastern Europe is suddenly interrupted by secret police. Public artworks are installed in a Guatemalan town to confront injustice perpetrated by gangs and government. A ministry begins in the Solomon Islands where none existed before. All this is the work of students and young people in their twenties – the very age of the disciples when Jesus handed over his ministry to them.

Drawing together incredible, gripping stories from different nationally-led student movements spanning every region of the globe – from North America to Romania, from movements with official recognition, to those persecuted to the point of being driven underground – Campus Lights explores how student mission not only survives, but flourishes across the world today.

Told in Cawley’s journalistic, diverse and engaging style, Campus Lights reveals how students and young people are taking risks to share their faith, continuing the legacy of Jesus’ young disciples as they went out into the world and changed nations.

Far more than a book on student mission, Campus Lights will inspire all leaders, encouraging them to take risks for the Kingdom in their own context, and showing how students and young people can be catalysts for change in our world.

What People are Saying

“Luke Cawley, author of The Myth of the Non-Christian, has done it again. In Campus Lights, it is astonishing how he combines solid knowledge of the world and the Bible with exciting, page-turner storytelling from all corners of the world. The story about IFES is a magnificent story of God at work, about a gospel that knows no country boundaries and about a living Jesus who is not limited by human power structures. Up until now I had thought it almost impossible to grasp and retell the IFES story. Read this book yourself and see if you agree with me that Luke Cawley has made it happen!

Luke is clearly an evangelist. He wants to inspire you to be one too, whether you get your inspiration from the last days of Jesus, from the IFES history or from testimonies about what God is doing among students around the globe today. Get a copy of this one, you want to read it, and you want others to read it too!”

Tor Erling Fagermoen, Regional Secretary, IFES Europe

“The history of IFES is a rich tapestry of God’s goodness, both then and now. Luke brings to life God’s work in IFES today in a thrilling, evocative and engaging manner through stories of students from across the globe. A must read for students and those who love them.”

Kristi Mair, Research Fellow, Oak Hill College; Author of MORE>Truth

“I am delighted to commend this book. Luke Cawley invites us to join him on a journey where God inspires his people to small steps of obedience – allowing transformative encounters with Jesus – and through his Holy Spirit leads Christian students around the world to fulfil their part in the Great Commission. A book I will gratefully share with my students.”

Revd Ziel Machado, Former IFES Regional Secretary for Latin America; Vice-rector of Servant of Christ Theological Seminary, São Paulo, Brazil

“A powerful book! Stories from around the world that will leave you at the edge of your seat, encourage you to persevere and share Jesus with boldness wherever he calls.”

Sarah Breuel, Revive Europe Coordinator

“The growth of IFES around the world may well be the greatest story you have never heard. Generations of student leaders have taken initiative, often at great cost, to see the light of Jesus shine on their campuses. The significance of this in reaching the lost, engaging the university, the forming of character and the development of leaders continues to be immense. Nations are shaped as graduates are salt and light in public life, education, healthcare, business, law, sport, the arts, church, family and community. Campus Lights is full of encouraging stories about effective student ministry and its ongoing impact. The insights into how ordinary men and women have stepped out in faith with creativity and boldness are inspirational. IFES continues to break new ground and is actively pioneering new work on every continent.

One of the many things I love about this book is the way each chapter concludes with points for reflection and discussion. My hope and prayer is that this will inform conversation globally and that the light will shine brighter and further in the days ahead. I believe that the best is yet to come in the work and witness of IFES around the world, and that this book is essential reading for all who want to be part of the next chapter of this phenomenal story.”

Nigel Pollock, President, Intervarsity Canada, Programme Director; Head Coach, IFES’ Breaking New Ground Initiative; Former National Director, TSCF, New Zealand; Former Director, Training and Development, UCCF

“A fresh and challenging portrayal of God at work in the student world … Replete with striking illustrations of the passion and courage of evangelical students (and graduates) from every corner of the globe … a strong justification of the strategic importance and life-shaping influence of ministry in this key area of life.”

Lindsay Brown, Former General Secretary, IFES

Campus Lights reminds us of the importance of reaching students with the gospel and the impact that Christian students continue to have in their communities long after their student years. We are reminded of how God continues to open doors for the gospel on campuses around the world and how he gives creative and innovative ideas for sharing Jesus with others. By blending reflections from the life and ministry of Jesus into each chapter, themes are helpfully unpacked, and we are left challenged and inspired to pray for, support and engage actively in student ministry.”

Matthew Skirton, UK Director, OM

“There is something remarkable and significant about Christian students from a variety of backgrounds joining together in vibrant student witness to share the good news of Jesus on campus. In these exciting stories, Luke Cawley recounts some of what God is doing on campuses around the world. I encourage you to read them and be encouraged, challenged and inspired.”

Ben Carswell, National Director, Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship, New Zealand

“From Mongolia to the Middle East, in the midst of significant struggles and suffering, we have witnessed the extraordinary growth of Christian student movements worldwide. Campus Lights is an eye-opening look at campus ministries around the globe – full of stories designed to inspire you, challenge you, and equip you, as you engage universities in your own contexts.”

Tom Lin, President, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, USA

“Our own perspective on what God is doing in the student world is often limited to our own country or even campus. Luke Cawley poignantly and beautifully lifts our eyes to what God is doing around the world and builds our faith to pray and work towards stories yet unwritten.”

Peter Dray, Head of Creative Evangelism, The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, Great Britain

About the Author

Luke Cawley is the Director of Chrysolis, a non-profit which helps organisations and churches better engage people with the story and message of Jesus. He was previously a staff member with IFES in Britain and Romania, helping start and develop student-led missional communities on several new university campuses. Luke is the author of The Myth of the Non-Christian: Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians and the Spiritual but Not Religious (IVP 2016).

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