Karl Martin

Karl Martin is a leader and a visionary, and founder of Arable, a consultancy advising leaders of business, and also leaders of charities and churches. He was Senior Pastor of Central in Edinburgh for fourteen years and founded Cairn, a movement of mission and discipleship across Scotland. Karl is passionate about equipping, encouraging and releasing individuals in leadership. 
   Karl is married to Niki and they have four daughters who have given him a love of rom-coms, dance movies and Downton Abbey. He would be playing cricket, rugby and football for England if it wasn’t for an old knee injury. 

“Karl Martin’s passion for Jesus Christ is infectious. He has built up one of Britain’s most exciting and innovative churches through prayer, vision, determination and a longing for more people to experience the love of God for themselves ”

Nicky Gumbel
Holy Trinity Brompton, Founder of The Alpha Course

Karl’s books

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Those Who Show Up

This book won’t try to get you to vote for a particular party. It isn’t going to try to get you to vote at all. Something far better. It’s going to show you that you could be voted for. That it could be your name on the ballot paper. Or that you could be working with someone whose name is, influencing your community more than you ever imagined.

A book that powerfully challenges our misconceptions about politics and asks us not to stand on the side lines and moan but to get involved.
Patrick Regan, OBE

Founder and CEO of XLP

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The Accidental Social Entrepreneur

For those who dream of making a difference for communities affected by poverty, this story is inspiring and thought-provoking. It encourages readers to see how ordinary people have been created for a purpose and have the potential to facilitate miracles.

This is a rallying call to all of us to strive for dignity, equality and justice for all; and a challenge not just to teach a person how to fish, but to equip them to buy the pond.
Amanda Khozi Mukwashi
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