How desperately we all need to know, deep within, that we are loved by God … It is a chaotic age and I find my soul longing more and more for the shelter of God’s love and the anchorage of his word.

Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer

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“The call in these pages to live our own love and adventure stories with Jesus rings with beyond-imagining possibilities.”

Sharon Garlough Brown

There are places where eternity and this world touch. Even the Sparrow is such a space. Let Jill’s story of encounter with God open the door to the one God has for you.

Dr Jason Swan Clark

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December 3, 2021

At a glance: The Winter Tales Book Festival

At a glance, the Winter Tales Book Festival – a celebration of literature, religion and the imagination – is a tailor-made event for us at Muddy Pearl to attend. So,…
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September 29, 2021

Encountering God in Aisle 11

I don't have great expectations when I go to the supermarket. The aim is to get in and get out as quickly as possible. On this occasion, a man spins…
ReflectionsReviewsWriters Wednesday
July 15, 2021

Writer’s Wednesday: Amazed by Jesus – recovery, restoration, and renewing the mind

Why on earth did I offer to write a book review while on retreat? Especially when its Foreword contains the line ‘Do I love Jesus, or do I just work…

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