“… like sitting down with a wonderfully experienced, well informed, beautifully calm and practical friend … will help you hold your nerve when times are hard”

Dr Kate Middleton, Director of the Mind and Soul Foundation.

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“Full of of grit, gutsy honesty and gospel-filled-grace… will lift your eyes and fill your heart with God’s eternal hope.”

Cathy Madavan

We print our books on the paperiest paper and wrap them in gorgeous jackets, uncoated or soft touch, with just a sprinkle of foil or a hint of a shine. We know they are worth it.

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FeaturedReadersReflectionsWriters Wednesday
May 5, 2021

A Mind Of Their Own: resilience, the pandemic, and why ‘good enough’ is really very good

‘Freeze! Put your hands up! You’re under arrest.’ I have just received Katharine Hill’s new book, A Mind of their Own, and after a first flick through, have suggested to…
April 6, 2021

A Lot Needs to Change; and We Need to Listen.

The news of Sarah Everard's disappearance brought with it a persistent dread, troubling those of us who are all too used to such fears - but there was a sliver…
ReviewsWriters Wednesday
April 6, 2021

Parenting in the In-Between Space

Here we are. Halfway between ‘pre-covid’ and what is yet to come. The pandemic still rages, and although there is light and hope somewhere ahead, we are not yet quite…

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